Thermacube guarantees our refurbished devices to work upon arrival.  If the device you purchase from Thermacube stops working due to mechanical or hardware related failure within 30 days after the date of purchase we will replace or refund your device upon the return and diagnostic of the device.  Our return policy does not cover accidental damage, water damage, or damage caused by dropping the device.  Our return policy only covers mechanical failure.  No refund will be issued until after the device has been received and tested.  Our technicians are highly certified and will test for damage caused by the buyer.  If the device is determined to be faulty, and no replacement device is in stock, we will cover the cost to repair the device and ship the repaired device back to you after repair.  We will check all device returns to make sure the device you ship back to us matches the device you purchased.  This includes checking ESN, Serial Numbers, and IMEI numbers.  If the device returned to us is not the device sold to the buyer, we will bill the buyer via paypal to cover the cost of shipping the uncovered device back to the buyer.  Should the buyer fail to pay this invoice after 14 days ownership of the device will be relinquished to Thermacube LLC.