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Our Team

A multi-disciplinary group of technology professionals


Matt Hubbard

Managing Partner

Matt is our Managing Partner.  He has a broad set of skills and many years of experience with E-Learning, E-Commerce, Systems Administration, Full Stack Web Development,  and Instructional Design.  In his spare time, he loves to build robots.


Caleb Alred

Interactive Lead

Caleb heads up our Interactive team and he's usually found in the studio, at a post-production bay, building a robot, or sketching a new UI design for a customer. When he's not working, you can find him scouring the web for rare recordings from The National.


Nathan Heien

Customer Advocate

Nathan runs our help desk and champions our customers every day.   We listen closely to Nathan and adjust our platform regularly based on his counsel.  When he's not making the world a better place for end-users he is busy building the ultimate Magic deck.


Vicki Hubbard

Financial Guru

Vicki makes sure that the financial trains run on time. The office joke is that she keeps us out of jail.  It's hard work managing financial processes for a bunch of creative types!  When she's not driving innovation in our financial processes, she renovates homes and chases the kids.

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